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Main Walking Robot Chassis assembly, 3D printed

After having completed the eight leg sub-assemblies, and the electronics assembly you are ready to do the main parts integration.

Complete quad-leg assemblies

  1. Screw the halves of the main-bar together.
  2. Attach long standoffs to the other ends of the crank-arms pointing outwards.
    Use a #4-40 screw, going through an internal tooth lock-washer and a flat washer. Tighten finger tight. Tight enough to engage the lockwasher, but not so tight that it deforms the plastic of the crank-arm.
  3. Place a spacer/washer on the crank arm spindle standoff.
  4. With the open end of the spindle facing you, place a left leg assembly left of the crank arm so that the flat sides are facing away from you (on the table).
  5. Place the left CD crank-link onto the crank spindle.
  6. Now place a right leg assembly on the right, flat sides down on the table.
  7. Place the right CD crank-link onto the spindle.
  8. Place the left CH crank-link onto the spindle.
  9. Place the right CH crank-link onto the spindle.
  10. Place a washer/spacer onto the spindle (hope it fits).
  11. Pass a #4-40 screw through an internal tooth locking washer, then a (large diameter) flat washer, and then screw into the spindle standoff to hold the crank-links in place.
  12. Turn the main assembly over, then repeat steps 3-11 above for the other leg-pair.

Mount sub-assemblies on axles

  1. Slide the axle through the B-axle mount holes on the leg pair on the same side of the main bar as the motor, then slide axle through main bar, then through the B-connections on the outside legs.
  2. Install final spacer and end-cap (nut?) on axle for this leg-quad.
  3. Slide payload assembly onto long side of axles, with battery facing down.
  4. Slide axles through motor-side B connections of other leg quad assembly, then the main bar, then the other side of the leg assemblies.
    It is easiest to slide the whole assembly onto both asles simultaneously, inserting one connection at a time.
  5. Insert final straight brace, then end caps.
  6. Connect the motor drive wires to the other side's screw tabs on the motor drive electronics.

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