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Building standoff-hinged Walking Linkage, 3D printed

This drawing will help explain my conventions for naming parts of the linkage:

For a complete chassis hardware setup, using 3/16" OD standoff hinges you will want :

The 3/16" OD standoffs are fairly rare. I can sell some for slightly above cost. I intend to offer full hardware packages, including these standoffs, soon.


After 3D printing the linkage, holes may need to be precision drilled.
#10 free on 3/16" OD axle and standoffs
#11 free on 3/16" OD axle and standoffs, if "polished" after drill
#12 Snug (but not press-fit) on 3/16" OD, good for non-moving connections to B-axle
#35 snug, but free around #4-40 screw

Chassis assembly

Chassis assembly is organized in four steps:
  1. Parts preparation
  2. Leg sub-assemblies
  3. Payload assembly
  4. Main chassis integration
This completes the base of a fairly typical robot chassis, with dual motor control.

I will be publishing my design for running this chassis over a Bluetooth remote control soon. It uses an open-source Android app to send control commands to a Bluetooth receiver, attached to an Arduino nano compatible microcontroller module. The motors are controlled from a fairly common LM298 based motor control module.

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