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Mr. What's Theo Jansen Walking Linkage
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Mr. What's Theo Jansen Walking Linkage

This folder contains source code for solving the locations of nodes of a Theo Jansen walking linkage, through its cycle, and Octave (MATLAB) code to plot this data. JansenCycle.gif is an animation of these plots.

This drawing will help explain my conventions for naming parts of the linkage:

Favorite Jansen Linkage Configurations

After changing optimizer to try to stay from known locked configurations, configuration B was investigated, with this orbit. Although the lock/sticking issues were reduced with respect to configuration A, which was used to build the initial prototype robot, it was still an issue.

The optimizer was changed again to give a weight to how far the CH link comes to the B-axis, and configuration D, with this orbit, was chosen for the next trial.

Configuration A was used to build a demonstration robot. The initial linkage print was motorized, and then used to build a sucessful
demonstration remote-control robot.

Instructions on Building parts and making plots

Other Linkages investigated

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